[fpc-devel] Possibility to add a branch for experiment with formal annotation

Florian Klaempfl florian at freepascal.org
Wed Sep 27 09:51:17 CEST 2006

Tom Verhoeff wrote:
> We (Software Engineering & Technology group of CS dept. at Technische
> Universiteit Eindhoven) are working on an extension to (Free)Pascal,
> by adding a facility for including formal annotation in programs
> (pre/post conditions, invariants, etc).
> We would also like to construct some tools for static analysis of (large)
> Pascal programs.  We investigated some options (continue with our own
> tools, use an external framework, e.g. using a scanner/parser generator
> like GOLD).  Our conclusion is that FPC seems to be the most viable basis
> in the longer run.
> We would like to do our own development, i.e. make a branch of 2.0.4,
> but retain the possibility to incorporate changes from the main FPC
> development effort, and also have the possibility to give back our
> work and have it incorporated into FPC (under the same license).
> Currently, we have a separate source repository starting from 2.0.4,
> and we have extended FreePascal minimally with syntax like
> 	{@ boolean-expression}
> to mean something like 'while not boolean-expression do' (i.e. the
> program hangs if the condition does not hold).  This experiment
> was carried out to determine how easy it is to adapt the scanner,
> parser, and code generator.
> QUESTION: Would it be possible for us to "obtain" a branch in the FPC
> subverion repository for our work?  


> That would simplify both the
> incorporation (merging) of changes from the FPC team, and vice versa.
> Or do you have alternative suggestions?
> Can we contact someone off-list to discuss this further?

Contact me.

> Best regards,
> 	Tom Verhoeff

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