[fpc-devel] PIC support for x86_64

Dominique Leducq dleducq at magellan-ing.fr
Thu Sep 21 09:20:40 CEST 2006

Could someone please tell me about the status of PIC support for x86_64 
in FPC ?

Is it supported in fpc 2.0.4 ?
Is it supposed to work in 2.1.1 ? If yes, which revision(s) ? If no, 
will it be any time soon ?

I need to produce a shared library for x86_64 Linux with fpc.
AFAIK, GNU ld needs PIC to link a shared library for x86_64.

So I need to know quite rapidly about that matter, in order to take 
appropriate decisions.

Thanks for your answers,

Dominique Leducq

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