[fpc-devel] PIC code generation with x86_64 with current fpc 2.1.1

Leducq Dominique dleducq at magellan-ing.fr
Mon Sep 18 09:17:45 CEST 2006

Is it supposed to work ?

It seems that setting the -Cg compiler flag doesn't have any effect on the 
result (well, it defines FPC_PIC and PIC macros when compiling)

I used fpc 2.1.1 of 2006-09-15, on linux x86_64

The size and md5sum of the result is exactly the same as without the flag

As a consequence, I can't link a shared library under x86_64-linux arch.

I remember it was working around june 2006, IIRC.

With fpc 2.0.4, I get different results with -Cg or without it, but I still 
get a link error when trying to link a shared library (I recompiled the rtl 
units with -Cg, and point to them with an appropriate -Fu). I don't know if 
that was supposed to work, too.

Dominique Leducq.

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