[fpc-devel] Some details on BeginThread problem

Burkhard Carstens fpc at bcsoft.de
Fri Sep 8 22:34:48 CEST 2006

Am Freitag, 8. September 2006 21:44 schrieb Robert Reimiller:
> I'm using objfpc mode. Changing addr(libthread) into @libthread
> solved the problem.
> I should have thought of that since I had the same problem with
> getting the address of a callback procedure. It now all compiles, now
> for the debugging......

From rtl/linux/tthread.inc line 189:

{ TThread }
constructor TThread.Create(CreateSuspended: Boolean;
                           const StackSize: SizeUInt = 
  // lets just hope that the user doesn't create a thread
  // via BeginThread and creates the first TThread Object in there!

I don't have mac os, no idea, if this applies there, too. Just thought, 
I should mention this ;-)


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