[fpc-devel] Bug 0007281 / MemLeak with interfaces

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Wed Nov 8 11:48:37 CET 2006

On 8 nov 2006, at 11:47, Martin Schreiber wrote:

>> There will *always* be bugs in the latest release which cause it not
>> to work for some people. If we'd release a 2.0.6, that situation
>> would not change and some of those people would also think that their
>> bug is so important it requires a new release.
> I don't think we need an 2.0.6 release but a continuously updated  
> fixes_2_0
> branch.

a) this has become more or less impossible now, because last week the  
internal structure and name of several often-used types changed in  
the main branch (which means you're going to get conflicts in every  
merge now)
b) before that, it would have taken useful time away from main  
development. I think such updating could in fact be perfectly done by  
someone else than the core developers. In general you don't need  
intricate knowledge of the compiler or other things. Before  
committing, just check whether everything still compiles after  
merging and whether there aren't any regressions in the test suite.


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