[fpc-devel] CSuspendThread/CResumeThread

Ales Katona almindor at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 11:16:01 CET 2006

A cleaner naming of problematic parts:

1. TThreadID is defined stand-alone not as a pthread_t, should be fixed.
2. TThreadHandler (the callback for resume, suspend) has result as DWord
while posix stuff (pthread_kill etc.) usualy return cInt
3. in linux I saw pthreads functions return longint, I think this is
also investigation worthy.

Question about #1. How should this be handled? Not sure if I can "use"
unixtypes in sysosh.inc...

Question about #2. Well.. this is a tough nut? I suspect it's because of
various threading backends, but we need to handle those -1 properly if
nothing else but this implies going over by all used pthread functions
and seeing all possible values (which might be OS specific)

#3 is to be investigated.

Will look at it later.


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