AW: [fpc-devel] Bug 0007281 / MemLeak with interfaces

Peter Vreman peter at
Tue Nov 7 23:12:29 CET 2006

>> It is not usefull to do. There won't be a new release anymore from the
>> fixes branch.
> Your statement concludes that 2.04 is not usable for production
> environment.
> -> Except you do not use interfaces - or write programs which are only
> commandlinetools, not expected to run for some time.
> This also means we cannot release Zeos Database Objects for Freepascal,
> which is quite sad. We cannot recommend an average ZEOS user what to do
> to
> get a memory stable and usable compiler environment.
> FPC 2.0.2 is not usable -> Dataset has bugs. (but is memstable)
> FPC 2.0.4 is not usable -> Dataset is OK (but it's not memstable)
> (A real world deamon app with about 80.000 lines of code runs about 2
> hours,
> before crashing the machine.)
> FPC 2.1.1 is not usable, as it is the development branch.
> For our company it's not a problem we use a patched 2.0.2.
> But in our forum we have lots of request for a stable environment.
> So what we have done is what the FPC site recommends:
>>Download Daily Update of Release Tree (version 2.0.x)
>>These snapshots contain the latest bug fixes, without any major new
>>feature. This should be more stable than the development snapshots (and
>>even the last official release), but there is still no guarantee that
> these >snapshots are bugfree.

We simply don't have the time to maintain 2 branches. Now the focus is put
on getting a 2.2.0 release. Also creating a FPC release for all the
supported platforms takes a huge time. It is not like a simple unix source
.tar.gz that we can release.

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