AW: [fpc-devel] Bug 0007281 / MemLeak with interfaces

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Does that mean we can soon expect single static assignment?


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> Helmut Hartl schrieb:
>>> It is not usefull to do. There won't be a new release anymore from the
>>> fixes branch.
> What Peter wanted to say is: there won't be any 2.0.x releases but we want 
> the next release to be 2.2.0 instead.
>> Your statement concludes that 2.04 is not usable for production
>> environment.
> Well, depends on what you want to do ;) The 2.0.x series has certain 
> problems with memory handling depending on your application. Depending on 
> the version either variants, widestrings, vararrays or interfaces leak.
>>> Download Daily Update of Release Tree (version 2.0.x)
>>> These snapshots contain the latest bug fixes, without any major new
>>> feature. This should be more stable than the development snapshots (and
>>> even the last official release), but there is still no guarantee that
>> these >snapshots are bugfree.
>> We have 1446 registered users in the zeosforum and many of them are
>> using/ starting to use freepascal apart from delphi & kylix.
>> Maybe you can give me a recommendation what to say to them?
> I merged the patch but help us to test 2.1.1 as much as possible based on 
> the revisions known to be good 
> ( so we 
> can get 2.2.0 out asap (head is currently broken due to heavy rewrites).
> The perfect solution for your users would be if you run daily regression 
> tests with trunk and tell users which revisions work good with Zeos 
> (currently 5191 is a good bet) and tell us if you get worse test results.
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