[fpc-devel] Threads and alot of crap continued

Micha Nelissen micha at neli.hopto.org
Tue Nov 7 11:59:12 CET 2006

Michael Schnell wrote:
>> If the Eventer class in lNet can be moved into general FCL this would 
>> be possible because I was planning to create a TLTimer, for use with 
>> lNet eventer.
> Could you elaborate on that (I don't know what lNet is at the moment).

lNet is a networking library, and has an internal event loop already 
implemented, cross-platform.

> But IMHO there should not be a separate TLTimer but the RTL (that 
> already does contain TTimer, IMHO) should somehow be enhanced to make 
> TTimer work. I suppose the use of TThread.Synchronize also need the 
> event loop and thus making same work needs the same means as TTimer does.

If lNet's eventer is moved into the RTL/FCL, then 'fixing' TTimer may be 
possible. As my timer was meant for lNet, the name was going to be 
TLTimer. Can't find at the moment where TTimer is declared and implemented.


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