[fpc-devel] Threads and alot of crap continued

Micha Nelissen micha at neli.hopto.org
Tue Nov 7 10:07:51 CET 2006

Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
>> 1) How is the state on this issue? Does the latest released version of the FPC
>> RTL already provide a decent implementation of the threading primitives known
>> from Delphi ? (e.g. TThread.Suspend, TThread.Synchronize, TEvent,
>> TCriticalSection, TThreadList, etc) as well for Linux as for Windows etc.?
>> What about WinCE on ARM and Linux on ARM and 68K ?
> It does.

Really ? Does TThread.Suspend work on linux ?

IMHO, the need for this function means your design is broken, but maybe 
it's just me ...


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