[fpc-devel] About the new package manager and networking

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Sat Nov 4 19:35:23 CET 2006

> Ok I tested it and I got an odd bug.
> When I "writeln" the buffer contents before writing them to the Dest
> stream, they are ok. But the resulting file is a garbage of xterm crap
> (mostly symbols) with exactly same size as the thing I downloaded
> (completly different data).
> I've no idea where to look, since writeln of the buffer looks 100% ok...
> Any idea what this might cause? I can commit it so you can test.

Sound like you are doing something like

write (x,< a number>)

with x a pointer type instead of 

write (x[0],< a number >)

IOW writing the pointer value and a random number of bytes because you
forgot a dereference.

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