[fpc-devel] WinCE compiler compilation is broken

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Fri Nov 3 11:59:18 CET 2006

At 11:44 3-11-2006, you wrote:
>From: "Gabor Boros" <gaborboros at yahoo.com>
>Subject: [fpc-devel] WinCE compiler compilation is broken
>>The error message is:
>>math.pp(2063,14) Fatal: Unknown compilerproc "SUBS". Check if you 
>>use the correct run time library.
>The problem is caused by revision 5192 by Peter.
>It also adds strange notes like this:
>convutil.inc(372,5) Note: Local variable "$hiddenTHEUNITS" not used

This is a known issue and will be solved in time. Don't forget that 
Trunk is the development branch and can be broken/unstable from time to time.


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