[fpc-devel] about report 4986: source file name parsing

Пётр Косаревский ppkk at mail.ru
Fri Mar 31 18:08:37 CEST 2006

This is not important message.

I posted such a message as bug report 4986:
Running "fpc 1.pp" makes "1.exe",
running "fpc 1.pp." makes "1.pp.exe",
running "fpc 1.pp.." makes "1.pp..exe",
running "fpc 1.pp.........." makes "fpc 1.pp..........exe".

Ok, it's not a big bug, but I've got answer: "Please use the mailing list for questions. The exe replaces the extension of the file. The extension is defined as everything after the last '.'"

I did not explicitly mention, that there were no files "1.pp..", "1.pp..." etc. The compiler processed the same file each time.
It is in one way expected: under win32 files 1.pp, 1.pp.. etc are all (without tricks) the same thing: trailing dots do not matter.
But: for the same source file (with the same name) I get different exe-s, without specifying output file name (by the way, object files and others are processed the same way).

It is not important, but obviously not very correct.

With some bug classification I wouldn't post it as "critical bug", I'd post it as "funny note". (I understand, that bug tracking system isn't installing itself and don't expect it to change in a matter of months.)

Sorry for inconveniences (laconic was I in bug report).

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