[fpc-devel] TProcess input/ouput handles

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Fri Mar 31 09:51:02 CEST 2006

On Thu, 30 Mar 2006, Micha Nelissen wrote:

> On Thu, 30 Mar 2006 09:23:39 +0200 (Romance Daylight Time)
> Michael Van Canneyt <michael at freepascal.org> wrote:
>> On Wed, 29 Mar 2006, Micha Nelissen wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> How can I close the input pipe of a process ? Suppose it keeps processing
>>> until EOF, then I have to close to handle to let it finish its job.
>> sysutils.fileclose(input.handle)
> Won't the handle be closed again by TProcess then ? Might that not lead to
> closing of another opened file handle ?

It might. In fact, it probably will :)

The problem is that you cannot do a input.free, because this will not
zero the stream pointer, causing an access violation when TProcess is


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