[fpc-devel] space char inside identifier's name

Bisma Jayadi bisma at brawijaya.ac.id
Sat Mar 25 11:19:44 CET 2006

> "Foo a"."bar a" := "baz b"[4]."foo q"

You made a very excessive example. Of course we don't HAVE TO use space char all 
the times. I won't use it that way either. But it's there when we really 
want/need it.

> is harder to read! It's not the char itself, it's that it's used all over the 
> place whenever this is used. I don't like it.

Maybe you don't like it and that's alright. This feature won't harm you in any 
ways. But some other people could demand it in some circumstances.


has Bee.ography at

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