[fpc-devel] FPC 2.0.0 vs FPC 2.0.2 (div by zero)

Jose Manuel qkysoft at arrakis.es
Fri Mar 17 03:34:42 CET 2006

> >> Math.SetExceptionMask([exDenormalized,exInvalidOp,exOverflow,e
> >> xPrecision,exUnderflow,exZeroDivide]);


> > stand for it). Anyway using Set8087CW (which is indeed CPU  
> > dependant) does work under my equipment, SetExceptionMask doesn't.
> SetExceptionMask calls Set8087CW on x86, so if it doesn't work it's  
> because you either use it wrongly, or because it translates its  
> parameters wrongly to the input Set8087CW expects.

Maybe both :-)
I just was calling SetExceptionMask([exZeroDivide]), without qualifying.
OK, thanks. I'll check it, and if I find anything odd in parameter translating I will tell.
Anyway, don't pay me too much attention, I gotta review it all this weekend, but AFAICR I think I was using the DOS version under Windows XP (not a proper way of doing things ;-(). Sorry for the incoveniences and the loss of time. Anyhow I'll check it up.


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