[fpc-devel] debugging probelm

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Thu Mar 16 09:14:47 CET 2006

> Hi!
> In Lazarus.when I debug a file. That is , the debugger stops and I look
> at the call stack, I cannot see filename and linenumber....
> In other words, the debugging is made harder.
> I heard it was related to the freepascal compiler was not able to
> cooperate with gdb as the generated stack frame format changed...
> What is the timeframe in which this problem may be fixed?
> What debugger do you use that does not have this problem?

You forget to mention all important information like which os and cpu,
commandline options and compiler version you are using.

If you want timelines for fixes on the debugger gdb itself ask the
binutils mailinglists.

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