[fpc-devel] Re: Freepascal + WinCe

Oro06 orinaudo at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 08:04:56 CET 2006


i got this error message when one (or more) function is not exported by 
one of your pda's dll.
even if it's present in the sdk header.

[each time i've updated wince/windows api i checked before that it runs 
on the arm-wince-emulator
, on rx3715 and hx4700]

to ensure that it is your pb you could comment all api functions that 
your program not use
and try make it running again or you can try ms-arm-wince free emulator 
(see wiki page)

smartlinking -as it link only used functions- should solve this pb but i 
havn't tried and must read
a little bit on this feature.

in other case it will be required to start 'ifdef' versioning based on 
wince releases...but more precise
differences are needed.


John Oxholm Knutsson wrote:

>I hope it's ok that i write you, because as far can see you have been very active in the port of FPC to Wince.
>I have run into problems when i compile applications for my ipaq h2210. When i make {$apptype console} test programs they run as they should. But with {$apptype GUI} strange things happen. If i write USES WINDOWS, or any other unit name, the program will not run on my PDA. I get the responce :
>"'Test' is not a valid Pocket PC application"
>Without the uses for windows, and if i do a "MessageBox(0,'Test','tst',0);" then i have no problems. 
>My PDA runs Wince 4.20. I can run all other ARM applications and games i have found on the net. A friend of mine has a PDA that has wince 4.21, and the .exe i compile runs ok, with no problems.
>I have tried with the latest FPC built, done an upgrade for the newest firmware, hardware reset my PDA, but no luck. 
>Can you give me any advise?
>Kind Regards
>John Knutsson
>PS: Sorry for my bad english 

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