[fpc-devel] OS aware RTL proposal

Ales Katona almindor at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 15:12:58 CET 2006

> This is manifestly wrong:
> Sure, there are new syscall numbers in linux, but the old numbers
> still work as they always have. Proof:
> The current set of numbers already works since 10 years.
> I'm not saying you'll have the latest features with the old numbers,
> but that is irrelevant.
> Windows has the same issue. For almost each and every OS XYZ call,
> there is a XYZex call. It's normal if you want to maintain backward
> compatibility, but also want to give new version numbers.
> IMHO all we need to do is to decide which call (number) we want to
> use, and warn people that some things may not work on older systems.
> Michael.

Yes but this is more than about syscalls. Ofcourse I didn't mean to say 
that the whole RTL should be done this way but stuff like winsock1/2 and 
epoll/kqueue calls are a nice example IMO. + it also fixes FPC_USE_LIBC 
for those things.


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