[fpc-devel] MacOS X Tiger Intel Platform ?

Franz Schober fpc_devel at firmos.at
Mon Mar 6 10:11:01 CET 2006

Hello FPC Team,

we would like to port some of our app's to MacOS X but have no experience
with that system. 
So in principal FPC should work under MacOS X as mentioned on the FPC Web
site - 
What changes are necessary to support the Intel Platform? 
Is FPC code on this Platform running through this "Rosetta" Technology ?
We are developing SIP applications using a SIP Stack and RTP Streams, so
some tasks are
time critical - Apple states that this may be a problem with Rosetta.

As FPC generates Intel Code what is needed to support such "Universal"
Binaries as mentioned
on the Apple Site ?



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