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Helmut Hartl helmut.hartl at
Wed Jul 26 14:30:45 CEST 2006

Hello Joost,

Maybe I should be a bit more informative:

We (I) am the currently technical maintainer of ZEOS Database Library.
We donate some of our work to the ZEOS DB Library.

We are currently stabilizing it and using it in a 
carrier grade billing system for a VOIP Telco Provider.

We have a 7/24 SLA with an uptime guarantee of 99,9% per month
for the daemon applications. (Linux Server side built with Lazarus and FPC)
The client side on windows is crossplattform and is built with Delphi. 
You see we have a strong belief in Object Pascal. :-)

We closely follow the SVN Versions of FPC so our interest is
to help FPC to be and to become ultra stable.

In our testsuite test we saw now that there is a bug in
compiler/rtl memory management. We pinpointed the 
problem with a demo app and bug report. 

Our interest is to help fixing it as we won't want to search
and change our code in about 90.000 lines of code, nor we 
wont want to make hybrid compiler versions as we do at the moment.

We regularly test our whole code against the fixes branch and
the 2.1.1 branch and use a hybrid 2.0.2 + dataset patches
for our release.

A new ZEOS library with crossplattform support for 
MySQL5, PostgreSQL8 and others and FPC compatibility
is directly depending on the ability to compile it with
a compiler greater 2.0.2.

In the Moment we have the option to release next ZEOS 
recommending a nonworking 2.0.2 (Dataset Problems) or
recommending a non working (memory leaks) other version.

And in the moment there exists none greater 2.0.2, which runs our 
testsuite without mem leaks.

As a RTL memory leak is a blocker for every serious application
developer, all FPC users will benefit from a fix.

So the question to IMHO is simple:

1) We all have no time :-)
2) Someone changed something with the AS operator or memory management.
3) The same one will (hopefully) know that his change possibly made some side effects.

If that "someone" reads this, I hope I triggered him to say something

1) Ah - I know - I fix it.


2) Ah - I know where the problem (sourcefilename) will be, but I have no   time to do something about it. 

In case 2 I hope he will say "Hey I have no time but the problem is serious just have a look at .... xxx.pp "

Then after SVN usage there will be the possibility to fix something, quicker then searching in the dark...



Dipl.- Ing. Helmut Hartl 
Head of Development
FirmOS Business Solutions GmbH

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> > With 2.02 we have the problem that the TDataset has different behaviour
> > than in Delphi (Datetime).
> That's easily patchable. And idscussed in this list a few times. Just
> return a TDateTime in the GetFieldData.
> > No we are making production code with a self patched 2.02 release
> > (TDataset from 2.04) but that's no good solution.
> Why not? It's the only one. There are several other changes in 2.0.4
> that you need to get ZEOS working properly.
> And as long ZEOS isn't released, you can safely build it against a fpc-
> version that isn't released. I guess that fpc 2.0.4 will be there long
> before the next ZEOS release.
> Joost
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