[fpc-devel] Incompatible Windows structs

Martin Smat martin.smat at tiscali.cz
Sun Jul 23 16:11:40 CEST 2006

In the development version of FPC is used Windows structure MENUITEMINFO 
breaking the compatibility between Windows95, NT4 and Windows98,2000,XP. 
New parameter "hbmpInfo" was added into this structure making its size 
bigger then expected by the old versions of Windows.
Can this parameter be removed from this structure and possibly added 
into second structure (let's call it as MENUITEMINFOEX as Micha 
suggested in Lazarus ML)? Although I'm not sure if this is the best 
idea, because we would need to maintain new structure always when MS 
decides to add new parameter into an existing structure. So for Windows 
Vista we can have another structure MENUITEMINFOEXEX etc., but I don't 
see any other solution. Anybody has any other idea how to solve it?
There could be maybe more structures containing some extension from 
newer Windows versions in the FPC RTL.
This incompatibility is also in the upcoming release 2.0.4.


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