[fpc-devel] RTTI difference

Leonardo M. Ram� martinrame at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 21 01:22:16 CEST 2006

I found a difference between the TPropInfo record GetProc and SetProc pointers between Delphi and
FPC, when i check a class like this:

  TMyClass = class(TPersistent)
    FAttrib1: Integer;
    property Attrib: Integer read FAttrib write FAttrib;

In Delphi, when i do GetPropInfo(TMyClass, Attrib)^.GetProc it gives a nil value, right, because i
don´t have declared a getter for this property, with SetProc is the same.

In FPC, the results never are nil. Is this the correct behavior, or is a bug?

Leonardo M. Ramé

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