[fpc-devel] Small Apps thing of the Past?

Jason P Sage jasonpsage at jegas.org
Tue Jul 18 14:29:54 CEST 2006

In response to the text below - I thought it useful to say that I have the
need for a small APP to make a super thin CGI app to compromise between the
"process startup" of CGI apps without locking myself into a HTTP API or
FastCGI - Still not sure what the benchmarks will reveal but concerning FPC,
By not using any units that appear to use classes internally (because of the
CLASSES bloat code which is fine usually and desired) I have managed 30k
exe's (upx even smaller) using only the DOS unit, and my own. I use ONLY FPC
native objfpc mode - AND I made a skeleton of a little database format -
using the file block stuff - and it SCREAMS!!!!

So - small apps - I personally need to ability to count bytes sometimes
depending on the application - and FPC has been handling BIG and SMALL -
FAST never SLOW - for me in years!

I personally use only my own homemade classes - unless absolutely necessary
to use others.. only so I know intimately what each part of my system is
doing down to the frame bolts.... so all in all... I think the statement
below is not wrong but not entirely correct either.

Jason P Sage

>> Many small things (and some larger, like OpenOffice.org) together  
>> make for large sizes.

>I haven't seen small things made in recent years, and previously small
>things have grown big.

>gcc isn't exactly small, neither is glibc or KDE or Gnome or Eclipse or
>Mozilla or Evolution or Samba, or X or anything that the user sees. And
>nearly any of them are not run by volunteers anymore either. Nearly all

>The only stuff that is small are the remnants of the said eighties unix
>culture. Tail,wc and friends. The newer branches of that family (perl,
>python etc) are all again huge.

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