[fpc-devel] errore.msg changes

Tomas Hajny XHajT03 at mbox.vol.cz
Mon Jul 17 10:47:22 CEST 2006

ik wrote:

Hi Ido,

> errore.msg keep on changing (and that's a good thing). The problem is
> that the people who translate it to other languages should be notified
> about any changes, so we could add them to the translated version as
> well, instead of diffing the errore.msg to with our copy ...
> So I have a request to be notified when such changes happens, so I
> could add this changes in order to update the translated version.
> I'm guessing that other translators would like to know that as well.

You're right, we need to have a look at it, at least for people working
directly on the level of files in SVN. Those working with the online
translation tool wouldn't be able to use this information immediately at
the moment due to limitations of that tool (or its current setup at

I'd suggest the following:

1) Create a new mailing list for that purpose.

2) Prepare some automated routine sending diffs for new revisions directly
to this list. In theory, this could be done two ways - either in batch
mode by checking differences for e.g. the last day (or that one when the
script ran last time), or using post-commit trigger in SVN. I guess that
the former might be easier to maintain (although possibly somewhat more
complex to prepare), but this needs to be assessed by people taking care
about our SVN server.


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