[fpc-devel] FPC 2.0.4 release candidate 1 testing

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Mon Jul 17 04:42:14 CEST 2006

TH> Hello,
TH> As a follow-up to previous message sent by Jonas
TH> (see below), I'd like to ask whether there's 
TH> anybody interested in testing of Win32 and 

It's the second bunch of comments. Almost everything is cosmetical.

Win32, Windows98SE.

FPC was run from FAR commander shell (under Win98 it masks itself as DOS program due to Win98 lame console problems).


*. Install step "Select additional tasks" has obsolete vertical scroller.


  Not many makefile.fpc or makefile present.

*. cdrom\getdiscid while cdrom\showcds shows device name correctly, cdrom\getdiscid defaults to unix style "/dev/cdrom" ("ASPI[0;0;0]" is more typical, and using showcds mechanism would be the most efficient way).

*. fcl\makefile is obsolete. fcl\makefile.fpc is abnormal too (change fpcdir to something and change targetdir to something like ../../units/$(FULL_TARGET)). Makefile still does not have any sense.

*. fcl\asiotest needs FPAsync, which is absent.

*. fcl\cachetest seems to grant a user with infinite complains about invalid slot^.prev.

*. fcl\dbugsrv has to define pascal mode it uses.

*. fcl\debugtest may try to be case insensitive to "STOP" command (or not).

*. fcl\dparser has to define pascal mode it uses.

*. fcl\dsockcli and fcl\dsocksvr do not compile (win98se).

*. fcl\htdump does not work as expected (its usage is not very clear and it fails with "kword.xml" from that directory [examples\fcl]).

*. an example picture for fcl\imgconv would be great.

*. fcl\list has to define pascal mode it uses.

*. fcl\showver could check if there are no command line parameters.

*. fcl\sockcli and fcl\socksvr do not compile (win98se).

*. fcl\stringl has to define pascal mode it uses.

*. fcl\testbf needs blowfish, which is absent.

*. fcl\testcgi does not handle exception.

*. fcl\testcp usage/purpose is unclear, it's name is not testopen, and it does not handle exception (e.g., with an .o file).

*. fcl\testdbf name is not dumpdb.

*. fcl\testez does not handle exception.

*. fcl\testib: add "{" in the beginning and specify pascal mode it uses.

*. fcl\testld name is not testopen.

*. fcl\testpop does not handle exception.

*. fcl\testrtf has to define pascal mode it uses.

*. fcl\testser does not handle exception.

*. fcl\tstelcmd and fcl\tstelgtk need "fclel.res", which is missing (Win98SE).

*. fcl\txmldump does not work with fpdoc.dtd in that directory (examples\fcl).

*. opengl: glutdemo would better hint you to download glut32.dll somewhere (tonow it just does not handle exception if there is none around).

*. oracle: examples do not compile, makefile.fpc causes some problems.


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