[fpc-devel] Web language

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Mon Jan 30 03:00:35 CET 2006

> Okay, I know this is a beginner questions, but how do I create a Pascal
> program that only reads the text and sends it through some sort of CGI thing
> (i.e. doesn't pop up that DOS-style window/shell). I already know how to do
> the CGI part, I just need to know how to make a program without a user
> interface.

The Dos window doesn't matter, it will not pop up when the server launches the
program. i.e. this is also a good thing, because you can run your CGI programs as
Doss windows before you deploy them, and treat them just like a regular Dos program.

You can post to the FPC users list you know, this list is more for the development of
the Pascal language and the Pascal compiler.

If you want to learn about sessions/gzip/headers/cookies you can take a look at the
various CGI implementations for FPC, as they are existing working examples which take
care of almost all basic CGI tricks. The toughest thing to implement is GZIP
probably, so don't worry about that first.

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