[fpc-devel] PR: Advocates needed

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Fri Jan 20 09:29:20 CET 2006

> > VisionForce wrote:
> >> You all may hate me after I say this, but creating software in VB or
> >> VB.NET goes very, very quickly. But I guess since you're trying to
> >> advocate Pascal right now, this information doesn't help you any.
> >
> > Well, my personal experience is, that in total Delphi/Object Pascal is 
> > still
> > faster because it's less error prone.

> Well that's interesting, I didn't know that. How is that so? I mean, what 
> makes it less error prone? Isn't it the programmer?

In Delphi the programmer has more control. Also a lot more small errors are
caught compiletime.

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