[fpc-devel] GDB 6.4 for arm-wince target

Yury Sidorov jura at ce.blagovest.com
Thu Feb 16 08:43:51 CET 2006


I built GDB 6.4 for arm-wince target.

GDB can be used to debug your WinCE applications remotely via ActiveSync. 
Download GDB 6.4 for Win32 host and arm-wince target here: 

Pass --tui parameter to GDB to enable TUI interface which makes debugging 
more comfortable.

For some unknown reason this GDB can not determine your console window 
height and always uses 25 lines in TUI mode. You can put your console height 
to LINES environment variable before starting GDB to workaround this issue.

For example:

set LINES=50
gdb --tui

To learn how to use GDB read a documentation here: 

Yury Sidorov. 

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