[fpc-devel] lNet in packages

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Sat Feb 4 03:01:53 CET 2006

>> > I'm all for it. The question is: base or extra. Or even FCL.
>> fpnet package. The FCL is only basic stuff, some extended RTL. IMHO the
>> fpimage,db and xml shall also be moved to fpimage, fpdb and fpxml
>> packages.
> Why prefix everything with fp ?

I think it will be more obvious as to why it is useful, when you start looking for
DSO/DLL packages in the next compiler which has dynamic FPC packages working. i.e. on
linux in /lib/ any DSO that starts with fp is easy to spot. If no FP prefix then
RTL.so may conflict with many other DSO's out there.

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