[fpc-devel] bug in fpc 2.0.4 rc 2 (go32v2)?

Lee, John john.lee at logicacmg.com
Sat Aug 12 15:22:15 CEST 2006

Please send a short (less than 20-50 lines if possible) program that fails. Regards John   

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> Subject: [fpc-devel] bug in fpc 2.0.4 rc 2 (go32v2)?
> Hello there,
> I think I have to report a bug.
> I have recently downloaded fpc 2.0.4 rc2 for dos (go32v2). I have
> downloaded the full zip package, including sources and docs. 
> After installing the compiler, I tried out to compile and run some
> programs. Everytime I tried to run a program using the graph unit, an
> error occurred: The program would compile, but runnning the project
> always resulted in "run time error 216". 
> All the other programs (those without the graph unit) would run
> flawlessly.
> I never encountered this problem with fpc 2.0.2. All 
> programs, including
> these using the graph unit, work perfectly with fpc 2.0.2 go32v2.
> My system: PII 233, 256 MB RAM, Windows ME.
> Windows ME never showed up any problems regarding the go32v2 version
> with fpc 2.0.2.
> P.S. : I am not yet subscribed to any mailing list.
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