[fpc-devel] FPC 2.0.4 arm-linux testing

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Wed Aug 9 17:03:57 CEST 2006

> Here is the digest from the test:
> The FPC being tested is ppcarm 2.0.4 rc2 from the ftp site. The test
> suite is the 2.0.4 rc3 from svn.
> Using qemu-arm emulator
> `make TEST_FPC=/usr/local/lib/fpc/2.0.4/ppcarm TEST_OPT=-XParm-linux-
> EMULATOR=qemu-arm clean all digest`
> I tested only the 'pi' program on real hardware. Is there a way to
> automatically execute all compiled programs on real device? How to
> know if they worked correctly?

Make sure you can login from the i386-linux host using rsh or ssh to the
real devices without entering passwords.

add TEST_SSH=<ip/name of device> for ssh or TEST_RSH=<ip/name> for rsh.

if disk space is limited add TEST_DELTEMP=1 to remove the tests after

add TEST_REMOTEPATH=<dir on the device> if you want to put the executables
in a different dir on the remote device than the home dir. Note: Make sure
the dir exists on the real device.


make TEST_FPC=/usr/local/lib/fpc/2.0.4/ppcarm
TEST_BINUTILSPREFIX=arm-linux- TEST_SSH=peter at arm-linux-device-name

For "documentation" see tests/Makefile.fpc for possible options like the

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