[fpc-devel] Next patch for XML stuff

Sergei Gorelkin sergei_gorelkin at mail.ru
Wed Aug 9 14:42:16 CEST 2006


Here is the next portion of my patches to XML stuff:

- Removed unneeded TDOMNode.FNodeName/FNodeValue fields to reduce
memory requirements;
- finished TDOMElement.GetElementsByTagName;
- Implemented TDOMNode.TextContent property;
- Implemented attribute value normalization;
- Fixed TDOMNode.Normalize and TDOMNode.InsertBefore for fragments.

- rewritten in cross-platform way, added XML 1.1 data;

- Added support for Unicode characters with code > 65535;
- Added writing TDOMDocumentType nodes;
- Fixed handling of end-of-lines contained in node content;
- Code cleaned up, so this unit is almost complete :)

- At this moment, it contains only fixes needed for the whole stuff to compile.

Actually I have almost developed a thing that can be called
"non-validating parser" - capable of handling XML 1.1 and including
external entities. I achieved 100% conformance with W3.org test
suite. However, I feel that it's too early to release it because it
does not fit into existing interface and has possibly undesired
dependencies - but I'd better write a separate letter to discuss it.

Best regards,
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