[fpc-devel] IDE segfaults at startup

Stefan Kisdaroczi kisda at hispeed.ch
Tue Aug 8 12:32:16 CEST 2006


the IDE segfaults (SIGSEGV) on startup on my System.
I have the problem with fpc on amd64/linux/debian and didnt test on other systems.
The strange thing is, that I know a way to start the ide which works, but I dont find the problem.

I normally have only the Debian Package installed, but for further tests, i tried the following:
I have checked out release_2_0_4_rc3 from fpcbuild-repos and built it two times, once with "make deb" and once with "make all".
The installed compiler was 2.0.4-rc2+ from fixes2.0-branch.
Then I installed both versions with dpkg and "make install":
The debian version is installed to /usr/bin,/usr/lib,...
"make-install" install to /usr/local/bin,/usr/local/lib,...

/usr/bin/fp -> SIGSEGV
fp -> SIGSEGV ('which fp' gives /usr/local/bin/fp)
/usr/local/bin/fp -> WORKS
change dir to /usr/local/bin and ./fp -> SIGSEGV

So, the IDE SIGSEGV'S "always" with the debian installation,
with "make install" it starts up, but only if called with "/usr/local/bin/fp".

Any Ideas? Anyone a running IDE on Debian/amd64 with "make deb"-Packages?

thank you

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