[fpc-devel] x86 sse

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Wed Apr 19 00:10:02 CEST 2006

>> Thank you.
>> However, integer operations (especially 4 longwords in xmm
>> register) are really of interest to me.

FK> Well, older fpcs had this for mmx. Since I never saw bug reports about
FK> it, I thought nobody used it so we didn't implement it for sse so far :)

Ugh, this is rather fpc-pascal question, but: how can I demand (or
just hope for) putting specific data to xmm register?

Is assembler the only solution?

If so, (this is even more fpc-pascal question with fpc-devel
subquestion) what docs/soft was used for FPC compiler optimizing (for
me the hard part is cycles counting: even for small portions of code
it's not easy to estimate prefetches and others)? Is intel vtune
designed for this task for linux/windows on intel processors?

Would it be of any help, if I submit obviously not optimal processor
specific asm code examples generated by FPC if I find any? If so,
should I present only 2.1.x comments?

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