[fpc-devel] bug ID #4855

Jay Binks Jay.Binks at safeworld.net.au
Mon Apr 10 06:08:32 CEST 2006

Buys Regarding this bug #4855 I need to get it fixed..


The issue like this...  I have 2 parts to my system...


The EXE ... and a DLL


In the DLL I have an exported function that returns an Interface...  


Function dosomething( const aObjectInt : ISomeInt ) : ISomeOtherInt  


This fails and causes the application to die..

However if I put the same function inside the EXE it works fine.


I found that if I were to make my result a pass by ref, and use a
procedure it works

Eg : 


Procedure dosomething( const aObjectInt : ISomeInt; var aResult :
ISomeOtherInt );


But I cant do this for other reasons...


Please can someone help me get this fixed... I need this for our company

And would probably be willing to pay someone with the relevant
experience to get this bug 



Please contact me


Jay Binks



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