[fpc-devel] MySQL components in SQLDB

Doug Nettleton doug at teibasl.com
Fri Apr 7 22:42:29 CEST 2006

Hi All,

I'm new here - variously playing with Lazarus and mseide&msegui.  I posted 
the following at public.mseide-msegui.talk:

> bug in tmsesqlquery, certain field types don't appear in the FieldDefs 
> list.
> Initailly, I had a file with four character fields and four decimal(7,3)
> fields.  "select * from mytable" as the SQL and setting active to True.
> FieldDefs property only contains the 4 character (TString) fields.  Adding 
> a
> date field to the table and setting active flag to false then back to 
> true,
> FieldDefs property contains 5 fields - the 4 character fields and the date 
> field.

and got the following from Martin...

This problem lies probably in the underlying TSQLQuery. Could you discuss it
with Jost van der Sluis at FPC-Devel mailing list?

I've looked in the 2.0.2 source, 2.0.3 snapshot source, 2.1.x snapshot 
source and don't see an obvious reason why character and date fields would 
work differently from decimal although I noticed comments somewhere last 
week about the "new" decimal field in MySQL version 5.0.

The function MySQLDataType, in fcl/db/sqldb/mysql/mysqlconn.inc refers to 
FIELD_TYPE_DECIMAL in one of the case clauses.  Perhaps version 5.0 changed 
this value?

On another matter, are there any plans to implement a datasource property on 
TMySQLQuery for resolving parameters?  This is a very powerful facility.  I 
think I know a workaround, but I'd prefer not to use it.


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