[fpc-devel] definition of TRect on Mac OS

Den Jean Den.Jean at telenet.be
Sat Apr 8 02:59:50 CEST 2006


in the Qt4 binding I do a direct copy of qrect into trect,
therefore qrect and trect need to have the same binary layout.

For some reason the definition of trect on Mac Os X is different

#if defined(Q_OS_MAC)
    int y1;
    int x1;
    int y2;
    int x2;
    int x1;
    int y1;
    int x2;
    int y2;
I do not have a Mac, so I do not know why. 
I guess for compatible with the OS API.
I only see that in FPC there is not a Mac specific TRect definition (types.pp)

Should there be one?
If not I will solve it in the binding, but perhaps it is 
a good idea to have TRect differently defined on mac
(but breaking binary compatibility ...)
please just decide.
Den Jean

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