[fpc-devel] TSqlite3Dataset under Fedora Core 4 problem

Bogusław Brandys brandys at o2.pl
Wed Apr 5 15:23:52 CEST 2006


I'm newbie under Linux.
I'm trying to test my application which is working with sqlite 3.3.4 
database fine under Windows, but it generates error about 'incorect 
library' or something.So I started to test examples from FPC 2.0.2 
official release and fillds example from db/sqlite give me "Invalid sql" 
error. I have changed only tSqliteDataset into tSqlite3Dataset.
it is under Fedora Core 4 and sqlite 3.3.4 was compiled from source 
(make and make install under root account)

Seems like a problem with libsqlite3.so library.
sqlite3_open working fine but later any SQL against sqlite_master 
returns error (exception).At the same time sqlite3 command line tool is 
working fine on the same database (I suppose this tool is linked 
statically against libsqlite.a and was created using C)

Does anybody have experience  working with sqlite3 under Linux and fpc ?
Can you help me?


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