[fpc-devel] static vs dynamic arrays

Пётр Косаревский ppkk at mail.ru
Tue Apr 4 13:46:45 CEST 2006

> No, it's a very common cases on all cpus which have a reasonable  
> amount of available registers.
With 3-4 dynamical arrays and several parameters?

> > What can I do to speed up dynamical arrays?
> >
> > What can I do to speed up static arrays?
I mean: what is the shortest way to estimate speed?

I don't know, why with "a[j]:=a[999999-j]"
(yes, entering something other than 1000000 is likely to generate one exception or another, I did so to avoid processing array size as constant)
static is faster and with "a[j]:=1" and "a[j]:=a[0] xor a[j]" dynamic is faster (this one is about 7719 vs 4405, dynamic wins!).

Passages in answer to "braindead architecture":
I don't like x86 too, I hate windows, but it's what we have to deal with in our country: majority uses mainly pirated microsoft software and cheap x86 computers with large percent of buggy components (and those with money mainly use pirated software too, but buy expensive x86 computers with large percent of buggy expensive components).
Linux is THE (because almost only) alternative solution (in my ), but I have not encountered seamlessly working X-window system (with language support at the microsoft level). The problem is: using GPL software may improve situation, but it's very slow process. I don't expect my brother (only music-movies-games-internet interests on computer) to choose non-microsoft something soon: he wanted to try, but it was major pain in the behind to make everything work, so he reverted to microsoft.
So, I ask about things real for me. Sorry.
(And, if you, Jonas, have read down to this, and don't mind: how much does your PowerPC+monitor cost? What about software? [New sold computers in Russia in my city are supplied with obtruded licensed copy of Windows XP. You have to debate some time to buy "clean" PC. I have seen Macs only few times in my life, and these times were not in computer shops.])

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