[fpc-devel] Several problems compiling fpc 2.1.1

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at quicknet.nl
Tue Oct 4 12:27:36 CEST 2005

Peter Vreman wrote:
>>Vincent Snijders wrote:
>>>None of my nightly builds seem to succeed with svn/fpc/trunk.
> Unable to reproduce this. The program itself has ended. What kernel
> version is used? And what is the result of a strace if you add {$linklib
> c} in pp.pas and try to run a newly build ppc1?

If I add {linklib c} it runs without error and make cycle completes.

Then I get this error:
/home/fpcfan/rpmbuild/BUILD/fpc/compiler/ppc386 -XX -CX -Ur -Xs -OG2p3 -n -S2 -Sh 
-Fu/home/fpcfan/rpmbuild/BUILD/fpc/rtl/units/i386-linux -FE. 
-FU/home/fpcfan/rpmbuild/BUILD/fpc/fcl/units/i386-linux -di386 -dRELEASE dbf.pas
dbf_lang.pas(494,23) Error: Incompatible types: got "LongInt" expected "AnsiString"
dbf_lang.pas(640) Fatal: There were 1 errors compiling module, stopping
dbf_lang.pas(19,15) Fatal: Compilation aborted

Similar to the h2pas error on darwin (where dbf is not compiled).

Karl-Michael Schindler said on IRC that the h2pas error on darwin was introduced in 
revision 1277.


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