[fpc-devel] PR advancement

Ales Katona almindor at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 23:40:22 CET 2005

Michalis Kamburelis wrote:

> Ales Katona wrote:
>> 1. Is Free Pascal/Lazarus really free?
> The "freeness" of FreePascal is already advertised in a lot of places, 
> including the very name "FreePascal". Current FAQ mentions (more than 
> once) that the compiler is GPLed. I don't think there's any need to 
> advertise this more.

>> 2. Can I use Free Pascal/Lazarus for commercial development?
> This is the 4th question of current FAQ. And I assume that you 
> actually wanted to say "closed source", this is not the same thing as 
> "commercial".

If you look at forums and mailing lists, NO people DON'T get it. You 
need to explicitly tell them YES YOU CAN STATIC LINK WITH OUR ENHANCED 
LGPL. Honestly the thing in the FAQ is good for lawyers only.

>> 3. Are there any real world applications made with Free Pascal/Lazarus?
> I guess that even a "manager" is able to type "fpc" or "lazarus" into 
> google.
And he'll find a bunch of fanboy websites.

>> 4. Why should I use Free Pascal/Lazarus?
Which is horribly outdated and utterly useless. Also it only specializes 
on comparing FP dialect of Pascal with other languages.
One half of currently listed advantages is basicly a pissing contest 
against C/C++ and the other is saying "we got OOP/other features too you 

>> 5. Isn't Free Software equal to crappy software?
> Of course it's total crap. But we're just a bunch of poor windoze 
> lusers and we can't do anything better. So we devote our full time to 
> maintain this miserable piece of software, this ugly webpage and this 
> lousy FAQ.
> I'm sorry, I could not resist to say this. :)
> Seriously: I think that it's obvious (even to the "managers") that if 
> you maintain a FAQ for some software, then you don't think it's crappy.

I'll add a FAQ to my page and see.

The FAQ on FPC currently is relativly good for technical questions. But 
some basic questions asked over and over on forums and lists simply 
aren't there or are answered inapropriatly(for the masses..)
Also note I speak for BOTH projects. IMHO they should merge a bit more 
as Lazarus requires a certain RTL of compiler to be able to produce things.

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