[fpc-devel] Unicode RTL

Florian Klaempfl florian at freepascal.org
Wed Nov 16 13:50:59 CET 2005

Daniƫl Mantione wrote:

> Op Wed, 16 Nov 2005, schreef Tomas Hajny:
>>Big overhead (double maintenance efforts for all targets supporting this
>>schisma). :-( I'd say it's better to successively identify the weak points
>>and address these case by case.


> I know, I'm all for abolishing Chinese (and perhaps Korean), the only 
> language(s) that absolutely cannot be written in with an 8 byte code.....
> However, it won't work that way in this world and also people in other 
> scripts tend to like Unicode.
> Now, take for example the FCL. Tstringlist uses ansistrings, for example.
> Now there are several solutions:
> 1. Make a Twidestringlist

That's what's the use of polymorphism.

> 2. Make Tstringlist use widestrings internally and add methods for both 
>    ansistrings and widestrings.
> 3. Make an FCL with ansistrings and an FCL with widestrings.
> I have been convinced that 3 causes the least maintenance trouble and the 
> least overhead for people that don't need it. 

Did you ever release building, try to get regression test results in shape etc.?

> The reason is strings are 
> used everywhere in about any library. It cannot be reduced to a few weak 
> points :/

I think it can.

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