[fpc-devel] GetAppConfigDir under Unices

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Thu Nov 10 20:28:00 CET 2005

On Thu, 10 Nov 2005, Michalis Kamburelis wrote:

> Hi
> I had some time today and I decided to write a simple patch that fixes
> GetAppConfigDir, adhering to basedir-spec.
> The arguments after adhering to basedir-spec are:
> - The idea to place things within .config/ seems sensible.
> - On my system (Debian testing) I see two things that adhere to it
> (xfce4 and graveman), so the spec is not completely unknown.
> So my patch follows Danny's advice and adheres to basedir-spec.
> So GetAppConfigDir(false) and GetAppConfigFile(false, ...) behavior changes to
> use $XDG_CONFIG_HOME or ~/.config/. The patch also fixes
> GetAppConfigFile(false) behavior (ConfigExtension was not appended in this
> case).
> I'm attaching the patch to rtl/unix/sysutils.pp (done versus trunk, but I
> think it should be merged with 2.0.1 branch too) as file sysutils.patch, and
> I'm attaching a trivial test program test_app_config_dir.pas to easily test
> GetAppConfigXxx
> routines.

Applied, but not merged. The 2.0.2 tag is already set.
It will be for 2.0.4.


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