[fpc-devel] Generics Basics

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Tue Nov 8 23:28:11 CET 2005

> The Very Big Advantage (Tm), is that you get syntax checking, while still
> using a type diversely. That's impossible to do (at compile-time) without
> generics.
> Probably the best example of this is something like TList:
> Without generics:
> TOrange = class ... end;
> TApple  = class ... end;
> var
>   T: TList;
> begin
>   T := TList.Create();
>   T.Add(TApple.Create());
>   T.Add(TOrange.Create());
>   // Whoops, what was that? Now our program might crash.
> end;
> Of course, we could create a specialized TAppleList that only accepts Apples,
> but that's boring and hard work. A much cleaner way is generics:
> var
>   T: TList<TApple>;
> begin
>   T := TList<TApple>.Create();
>   T.Add(TApple.Create());
>   T.Add(TOrange.Create());
>   // This wont compile! The problem is prevented at compile-time!
> end;
> I hope that answers your question as to why it's a good idea :-)
> --
> Regards,
> Christian Iversen

Sort of, but I don't see why people use TApple and TOrange examples all the time ;-) I mean
when was the last time you actually programmed a software application that was organizing
Apples and Oranges? I use things like strings, databases, integers, FTP, CGI, stringlists,
etc. Sure apples and oranges can represent a sort of metaphor for ANYTHING, but I'd prefer
just to cut straight to the real world example instead.

I guess the real world examples are hard to display unless you have actually used generics
in a software program, and you are willing to offer code snippets from the program.

I wish for example, I could see someone using something more real world such as:

         (just a fake one)

  I used generics in my FTP uploader software application and it prevented
  an error for me.

---Code examples---
  Here are some code examples taken right from my real world ftp
  application written in C++. Since Pascal doesn't have generics currently,
  this example is in C++ only to help you see  why they are useful in an
  existing software application.
  ......insert code here ....

  My executable size is now 1400KB whereas before when not using
  generics it was 1340KB. The 60KB gain was not a big deal. My
  conclusion is that generics offer significant advantages, but they
  shouldn't be used in some situations.

 If Pascal implements generics I estimate my executable will be about
1400KB too, and the syntax will be as follows if I was to convert
 my C++ application to Pascal using generics:
 ...insert code here...

---Other notes:---
  Generics don't work well in the following situations:
    A)....using a type diversely can cause issues when... ....
    B).....abusing generics could cause issues if you if... ...
    C).....generally they shouldn't be used if.... ...


However, I suppose I'm idealistic and too much of a real world guy some times. Case studies
can be perfect if you have software program already in existence, or if you can create a
small demo program that is fully functional and actually does something real on the
computer.  I helps more easily prove the advantages of a certain programming. paradigm. Then
there are video case studies, but I won't get in to those since those are more to do with
demonstrating visual advantages of GUI's and software features.

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