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Fri Nov 4 01:06:42 CET 2005

Hi *,
Delphi 11 .Net 2.0 will support  Generics. Maybe Delphi 11 Win32.
There is already proposal:


The FPC syntax must be at least a subset of the Borland syntax to be 

Mattias Gaertner wrote:

>Hi all,
>I want to push generics to the next level.
>For those not familar, there is already a wiki about this topic:
>The page still contains a couple of different proposals, so I guess, the
>syntax is not yet defined.
>And there are still some unsolved problems, before we can start implementing
>My goal is to extend Lazarus first, so we can play with the new features,
>before extending the compiler, which is much more complicated.
>The syntax:
>The wiki contains a few proposals, but does not mention the
>advantages/disadvantages. So, here are some thoughts. Please comment and
>tell, where you see problems or a better solution.
>- Templates should work at least for: classes, classes of, interfaces,
>objects, records, pointers, procedures/functions.
>- Templates may also work for: procedure types
>- Template parameters can be any type.
>- Template parameters may be specialised (e.g. only)
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