[fpc-devel] Bug with R+ and assembler functionsHi,

Markus Kämmerer mk at happyarts.de
Thu Nov 3 12:18:39 CET 2005

Jonas Maebe wrote:

> No, in eax. "movl %eax, %esi" means "move the contents of eax into esi".
> This is AT&T assembler notation, not Intel.

ops, i worked 10 years with intel assembler style, so i mixed this. sorry.

> No. At least one problem is that in your assembler function, you use esi
> and ebx without saving/restoring them. ebx, esi and edi are callee-saved
> registers in the new default calling convention of FPC 2.0 (register
> calling), just like in C/C++.

Is there any docmentation about this? Must the eax register be saved,
too? I thouht

end ['EAX', 'EBX', 'ESI'];

Is enough and tells the compiler, that these registers are changeing. In
the current documentation i could not found information, about saving


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