[fpc-devel]don't youthinkit'stime toupdatedelphimodecompatibility?- IDispatch, implements

Matthias Hryniszak matthias at hryniszak.de
Sun May 29 14:03:30 CEST 2005

> Nobody said that the same size can be reached, but I don't consider 132k
> against 86k as a real problem. If you consider it as a problem, use 
> Delphi.

That's not what I ment. I see a problem with a GUI app that's using FCL. 
This apps are really of size that's not acceptable. That's why I started to 
learn win32-api to create GUI apps cause that what comes out of FPC+FCL is 
just to big.

132kb and 86bk is abosutely no problem. In addition, UPX -9 makes the 
difference much smaller (about 4kb) so it's not the problem. Is there 
something that could make the GUI app with FCL also within reasonable size?


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