[fpc-devel] don't you think it's time to update delphi modecompatibility?

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Fri May 27 11:25:33 CEST 2005

| FPC has great amounts of compatibility with Borland Delphi. Unfortunately,
| according to the FPC docs, it only supports Delphi compatibility until Delphi 4.
| The object pascal enhancement on the next Delphi release is still not supported
| by FPC.
| Since now Delphi has grown to Delphi 9 (2005) -the latest Delphi release- which
| has tons of great object pascal enhancement, don't FPC developers think that now
| is the time to follow up the language enhancements? For example: the for..in
| syntax, reintroduce keyword, sub class (class field), etc.
| Yup, perhaps I sounds pretty close to .Net syntaxes. Yup, I also knew that FPC
| development won't go that direction yet. I'm just talking about the language
| enhancement here, for more code portability. Say, I'll be able to compile my
| Delphi.Net code using FPC running on Linux. Maybe I'm just dreaming about the
| 'real' concept of "write once, compile everywhere". :D
| Maybe we can start it from FPC v.2.2. Or FPC v.3.0? What do you think? :)
| -Bee-

I'm sorry to say but none of these things will make FPC a better compiler by a large
part. Since freepascal doesn't have very many contributed units compared to something
like Torry.net, I think that's what people need to work on! I don't actually think
that it is the compiler team who needs to work more. they already have small bugs to
repair, I think developers need to make contributed units and do work. The language is
strong but more functions and wrappers need to be written. If you think about it, no
one would use Delphi just for the "for if" part about it, but rather they would use
delphi because of all the stuff available for it... like on Torry.net.


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