[fpc-devel] don't you think it's time to update delphi mode compatibility?

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Fri May 27 10:20:03 CEST 2005

> FPC has great amounts of compatibility with Borland Delphi. Unfortunately, 
> according to the FPC docs, it only supports Delphi compatibility until Delphi 4. 
> The object pascal enhancement on the next Delphi release is still not supported 
> by FPC.
> Since now Delphi has grown to Delphi 9 (2005) -the latest Delphi release-
> which has tons of great object pascal enhancement,

Name one that really enables you to do something that you couldn't do

> don't FPC developers think that now is the time to follow up the language
> enhancements? For example: the for..in syntax, reintroduce keyword, sub
> class (class field), etc.

IMHO No. Stability and usability on D7 level is more important, than the
relatively uninteresting extensions. Things like COM support and packages
are way more important.
> Yup, perhaps I sounds pretty close to .Net syntaxes. Yup, I also knew that
> FPC development won't go that direction yet. 


> I'm just talking about the language enhancement here, for more code
> portability.

If you want portability, simply don't use D2005 syntax.

> Say, I'll be able to compile my Delphi.Net code using FPC
> running on Linux. Maybe I'm just dreaming about the 'real' concept of
> "write once, compile everywhere". :D

Write it in D7 and compile it everywhere.
> Maybe we can start it from FPC v.2.2. Or FPC v.3.0? What do you think? :)

To my knowledge there are no plans for post-D7 support. The whole point is
compability with Delphi.NET, and there is not much interest in that anyway.

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